Success Story

Building an Online Art Gallery Brand, Site and Store

New York's Michael Rosenfeld Gallery presents a legacy of contemporary art, including some of the best know early Early American Abstractionists. Artists represented include Charles Seliger, Betye Saar, Martha Madigan, Charmion von Weigard and Burgoyne Diller and The Trancendental Painting Group.

Web Zeit is building a Web site that presents the artists of the gallery and overcomes the challenge of presenting concrete objects via a two dimensional, digital medium.

Web Zeit is also creating a customized, searchable database which can be updated in-house by the client with little computer knowledge.

The gallery's databased information will allow for automation of press releases, the ability to tailor mailings by recipient preferences and may be maintained from anywhere. The "future-proof" database is easily expandable and compatible, allowing the gallery to grow with technology with ease.

The site architecture and technology are built with scalable, easily modifiable modules, making this a model for future arts and related Web sites.

Visit the Michael Rosenfeld Gallery site.

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